• Impression of blue ribbon

Impression of blue ribbon

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Blue ribbon impression 16 piece glass and rock glass set

The unique 4 pit shapes are easy to grip and tightly grip

Heavy-duty pillowcases provide extra stability, cylindrical contours save storage space — while artistically inspired blue stripes make each glass unique

It’s 8, 16. 75-ounce cooler glasses (maximum diameter at 7.62cm), 15.24cm high, 8,12. 5 oz rock glass (3 Max. 10.16 cm in diameter and 10.16 cm in height)

Lead-free. Safe packing in the transport box; Clean before use, because Libbey orders delivery directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse

Durable, dishwasher safe, quick and convenient; To help protect the product, visit the Libbey web site for care and instructions

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